Visual VS Educational Content

Calling all photographers…

There is a big difference between writing a blog article and writing a blog article that educates your potential customers.

Don’t get me wrong, sharing your photographs is still a crucial element to attracting potential clients, but I question whether it is all that is needed to convert?

Visual Content

Have you ever visited another photographer’s website and on the blog, noticed articles only about the weddings they photographed?

  • Did these articles talk about how or why they used a specific technique in order to educate a bride? No?
  • Did these articles have a gallery or collage of photographs with no valuable content other than beautiful photos? Yes?

What you experienced is what I like to call Visual Content. Basically, that is where a photographer blogs without speaking to the customer. Their posts might be filled with beautiful photographs from previous jobs. But could they be even better? Definitely… by educating the customer on how to prepare to receive these types of beautiful photos too.

Titles from these articles may be:

  • A Beautiful Texas Wedding
  • Sarah & Bills Engagement Session
  • The Jones Wedding Party

Now, don’t get me wrong. We have all done this, and it’s not terrible to do every so often. However, you need to add value in your content in order for your blog to increase chances of converting a visitor to customer.

Educational Content

Educational content are those when a photographer writes an article, offering a thought process, a tip, or something that the potential customer would be interested in learning about.

For example, in an article about Sarah & Bills Engagement Sessions, educational content could contain a tip on what to wear based on the session’s location.

I want to note, though, that you can still leave the gallery or collage in the article. Just make sure the valuable content is also included. Your stunning photographs may attract a viewer but education will increase the chances for conversion.

In Conclusion

Publish your photographs from previous jobs. Share them with past clients, new clients and potential clients. Showing off your photographs will likely get you new business. However, adding other content to mix it up and can sweeten the deal.

So mix it up. Share your photographs, and then share your photographs with valuable content. See which gets more comments, +1s, Likes and Tweets. Reinforce the power of good photography with your passion for photography by writing incredible content. Engage your audience with amazing content that educates and motivates.

Remember, having the best WordPress theme for photographers is only one step in improving your photography sales. Now it’s time to do the same with your content.

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  1. Very good point. When i started my blog my intention was to share stuff that you usually dont know about. But it went into another direction and became more of a showoff, which there already is a lot of on the Worlds widest web.
    I was actually thinking about this recently and i’m going to change direction again, i’m gonna start sharing more and then i’ll see where it goes.

    1. Patrik,

      We’d love to see your next educational content article – please share it with us when you publish it.

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