WordPress Photography Theme

A WordPress Photography Theme Built With Photographers In Mind

WordPress Photography Theme

Photocrati is a WordPress photography theme, as you know. You are most likely asking yourself why we’re saying that the Photocrati theme is a WordPress photography theme built with photographers in mind?  You might even say “duh” to something like that.  So I will explain.

You see, photographers, as you might expect, do not want to deal with website customizations.  In addition, the typical photographer wants a WordPress photography theme that has necessary features and functionality, control over their photographs, the ability to sell their work and of course, branding control without having to learn website design.

There are two questions that we are asked very often.  The first is “How hard is it to customize my website with Photocrati?” It is actually extremely simple to customize your website with the Photocrati theme.  In fact, most design changes are a couple clicks and you’re done.   The second question is “Do I need to download additional themes or files?”  One of the beautiful things about the Photocrati theme is that the each of the 60 presets we offer are built-in to one product.  That means if you decided to customize your design or change presets, you do not need to download any new files.

WordPress Photography Theme Video

Now, instead of writing a very long article on this topic, I decided to record a video so you, as a photographer, can do what you do best… visualize.

So as you can see, our WordPress photography theme was developed with the idea that photographers should not worry about customizations. We made it extremely simple and visual. The Photocrati theme is made is so you can get back to shooting.

See live examples of the Photocrati theme by visiting:

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