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Digital Photography

The EOS-1D Mark II is obviously Canon’s answer to Nikon’s fast shooting D2H, it does appear however as though Canon is raising the bar with resolution. … Image quality wise there are no complaints with the EOS-1D Mark II, it’s certainly no point-and-shoot camera and requires a certain amount of experimentation and learning before reaching your idea of the perfect image. That’s also the camera’s advantage, taking a hands-off approach to image development means that the photographer gets to decide just how the final image will look. This is the ultimate digital SLR, it offers an amazing level of build quality and environmental sealing, superb eight megapixels of resolution, low noise at almost any sensitivity, over eight frames per second (with a forty frame buffer) and near instant performance. READ FULL REVIEW

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Steve’s Digicams

The bottom line is always image quality, and the Mark II does not disappoint. While image noise is detectable at sensitivities over ISO 800, I found it objectionable only at ISO 3200. And, speaking of noise, long exposures shot without noise reduction were remarkably free of it. With its 8-megapixel imager, accurate autofocus system, precise metering system and robust performance, the Canon EOS-1D Mark II is photographic tool that is unrivaled in the industry at the time of this test (May 2004). While its price tag puts the Mark II out of the reach of most non-pro’s, we’ll all soon be able to enjoy its results in the various newspapers and magazines you read; the Canon-equipped media will likely be buying them as fast as they can be manufactured for many months to come. READ FULL REVIEW


Canon ups the ante with its 8-megapixel EOS-1D Mark II, the fastest-shooting digital SLR on the market. Made for magazine photographers covering news and sports, the Mark II also works well for portrait shooters who want a versatile, small-format digital camera. The Mark II replaces the EOS-1D–which was already at the top of its class–and makes improvements across the board. … A solid camera, it’s weatherproofed and sealed from water, dust, and dirt. … The camera’s high resolution shows even the slightest imperfections, so you’ll have to use the highest-quality lenses to get the best results. In a league by itself, the Mark II offers professional photographers extensive customization, excellent photo quality, and market-leading speed. READ FULL REVIEW

Luminous Landscape

The Canon 1D Mark II offers the photojournalist, wildlife and sports photographer possibly the finest shooting tool yet seen. Image quality is excellent, shooting speed is as fast as we’ve ever had, and ruggedness of construction and quality of materials is a given. I was not that pleased with the Mark II’s color rendition. Whereas the cooler end of the spectrum, blues and greens and pastels, were rendered very well, the warm end lacked accuracy. Red is weak and the oranges lack saturation. Yellow also is anemic looking. There’s nothing here that a custom profile can’t fix, but overall I wasn’t that impressed with the Mark II’s colour accuracy out of the box. READ FULL REVIEW

Ken Rockwell

Like most things from Canon it works great. It’s more difficult to operate than the Nikons for me, a big drawback. Although it would get easier with experience, Canon still uses cryptic icons for important basics like file size instead of being to the point as Nikon’s are. This is what you use to shoot sports professionally with Canon in 2004. If not, the 20D for a third the price offers 100% of the image quality and 60% of the frame rate for 33% of the price. I prefer the metering and weight of my cheap little Nikon D70 for what I do. To each their own. READ FULL REVIEW

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