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The 350D / Rebel XT delivers an almost unbeatable package of quality, speed, size and price. The most obvious selling point is of course its 8 megapixel resolution, and while the difference between this and its 6 megapixel rivals can be subtle, it’s certainly visible in real life results. Thankfully the smaller pixel pitch doesn’t compromise noise levels, and Canon’s DiG!C II processor ensures silky smooth results at standard ISO settings, while allowing the use of a smaller, lighter battery without affecting lifespan. … It’s not all good news though. The screen, especially today, is measly at just 1.8in, some re-positioned controls have become less convenient to use, the USM lens version would have made a preferable bundle and some may find the smaller body harder to hold. But that’s really about it. Overall the 350D/Rebel XT remains a tough camera to beat and the leader in the budget digital SLR market. READ FULL REVIEW

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Digital Photography Review

So it’s clear, the EOS 350D is a great successor to the EOS 300D, it puts right many user complaints, it delivers a smaller and lighter camera which feels better put together and delivers an increase in resolution. Image quality is just as good as the more expensive EOS 20D, if you can live with the differences between the two, the money saved could buy you a very nice lens. The increase in resolution from six to eight megapixels really isn’t that significant but some of the new features, improved performance and reduction size and weight are. We did have some control issues. I was surprised to see settings such as ISO, metering, AF mode and white balance moved from the status LCD to the LCD monitor … We were also disappointed with the ‘new’ Kit lens … These niggles however can’t detract from what a good solid photographic tool the EOS 350D is, it starts up quickly, shoots quickly, operates without hesitation and achieves its ultimate design goal, delivering great images. READ FULL REVIEW

Steve’s Digicam

The first thing that strikes you about the Rebel XT is its diminutive (for an SLR) size, weighing in at just 1 pound 11.5 ounces including battery. Despite its small size, the XT possesses good ergonomic qualities; it is comfortable to hold and its controls are both logically organized and easy to operate. Overall performance of the Digital Rebel XT is very robust, significantly improved from its predecessor. Startup time is almost instantaneous. Continuous capture revealed more of the XT’s improved performance. Overall, the XT’s AF system was very effective, producing consistently sharp results. The XT’s image quality is excellent, indistinguishable (except for size) from that of the 20D, and quite improved at high ISO settings over the original Digital rebel. … The Digital Rebel XT has set a new value benchmark for this class of camera, and competes well with many prosumer dSLR’s offered by its competitors. READ FULL REVIEW


In terms of image quality, the Rebel XT is a bargain, delivering wonderfully detailed and colorful images for a competitive price. While the Rebel XT lacks some features found on the more solid and slightly pricier Nikon D70, the XT is the clear winner when it comes to resolution and dynamic range. While the camera’s size and weight make it wonderfully portable for travel, we found it a little uncomfortable for prolonged shooting. … As with its predecessor … the Rebel XT offers a maximum ISO of 1,600; it can’t capture TIFF files, and it doesn’t allow the white balance to be set according to color temperature. … The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT makes gloriously detailed 8-megapixel images and offers unsurpassed image quality for a consumer dSLR. … The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT is an exceptionally small and lightweight camera designed for amateur digital SLR photographers, but it delivers the responsiveness and image quality you’d expect from a semipro model. READ FULL REVIEW

The Canon Rebel XT is small. In fact for me the Canon Rebel XT is on the verge of being too small. It looks very much like the image quality of the Canon Rebel XT is up to that of the EOS 20D. It’s also evident from using the Rebel XT, that it’s a Rebel, i.e. a camera aimed at the consumer entry level. Ultimately in many respects the cameras will be capable of yielding almost identical results, it’s just that doing it with the 20D will be a little easier. Of course there are some things the Rebel XT doesn’t do as well. It has a slower frame rate, a smaller JPEG image buffer, a lower capacity battery, the AF system is different and, as mentioned, the viewfinder is smaller. Given the image quality and sensor resolution and long with the low price, I’d say that it’s currently the best performing camera in the “entry level” digital SLR group and I can certainly fully recommend it. READ FULL REVIEW

Luminous Landscape

The 350XT is an 8 Megapixel reduced frame (1.6X) DSLR in Canon EOS lens mount. The other big news is that the camera is Canon’s smallest and least expensive DSLR yet, and the lightest camera of its type currently available. It can shoot at 3 FPS, with a decent sized buffer; is capable of shooting in true simultaneous RAW + JPG modes, and produces image quality that to my eyes is the equal of its big brother, the Canon 20D. Given its performance I would say that it will appeal to a broad cross-section of photographers. Working pros will find it attractive as a backup, and as a potential “throw-away”. Advanced photographers will appreciate its high image quality combined with small size and light weight, making it a great travel and street shooting camera. Amateurs on a budget will, of course, be attracted to its low price. … Experienced photographers will be frustrated by some of the interface problems, but none of these are really show-stoppers. READ FULL REVIEW

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