Use Google’s Keyword Planner for Content & Product Ideas

Google dropped their Keyword Tool in favor of their new Keyword Planner Tool.

The advantage of the new tool is the ability to gather content ideas.


Visit the new tool and choose your method of keyword research.  For this example I picked the first option.  I then entered “wedding photography” and then clicked Get Ideas


As you can see, many results popped into the window.  I selected the first group of results and found 26 content and product ideas inside.


As you can see, there are many people searching for “wedding photography checklist” and “beach wedding photography”, however even more people are searching for “wedding photography prices”.

From this list and the many others that were provided, a photographer can find new content to write about, products to create, and keywords to optimize their pages for.

So head over to the new Google Keyword Planner Tool and give it a try.


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