Lowepro Primus AW Review Round-Up

lowepro-primus-awLowepro is celebrating its 40th birthday with this bag, a weatherproof backpack that as far as we know is the first ever manufactured partially (51 percent) from post-consumer recycled material. Though eco-friendly, the Primus lives up to Lowepro’s high standards of performance and design innovation. Its eight-point adjustment system lets you customize the fit to your individual frame, while a smart reverse-opening system lessens the need to remove the bag and put it strap-side down to get to your gear. About $250. A full 51 percent of Lowepro’s eco-friendly Primus AW pack ($200, street) is made with post-consumer materials, without sacrificing comfort and functionality. Strap-side main compartment zippers add security and keep the dirt off your back. And Lowepro gives 10 percent of the proceeds to Polar Bears International, so you can make a statement with your bag, as well as your photos. READ FULL REVIEW AT POPPHOTO

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Unlike any bag currently on the market, Primus AW, made from 51% recycled materials, enables photographers to carry and access all the necessary components for outdoor photography while providing the highest possible comfort and extreme protection. The main camera compartment is padded and holds a digital SLR Pro body with zoom lens attached, in addition to 1-2 extra lens or flash units. The camera compartment is expandable, enabling large equipment capacity and quick equipment retrieval. The Primus AW offers photographers quick and easy access to their equipment, without removing the bag, through expandable side zipped camera pockets. READ FULL REVIEW

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