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think-tank-airport-internationalA smaller version of the “domestic” Airport, Think Tank’s first bag, this roller meets international carry-on regulations and features TSA-approved locks on the main compartment. An integrated wrapped-steel cable lets you lock it to something nonremovable in a press room or hotel — or to a tree. The supplied dividers can be swapped out for the low divider kit, which leaves enough space for most laptops inside the locked main compartment.

A retractable handle, in-line wheels, and a subdued black-on-black design make the Airport International look much like a regular carry-on bag — but it’s all business for the frequent-flyer photographer. About $320. READ FULL REVIEW AT POPPHOTO

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Luminous Landscape

When the bag arrived I was very impressed with its overall fit and finish. Materials are first rate, as is construction quality. The bag is also covered by a no-nonsense lifetime warranty. Any failure due to materials or construction and the bag will be fixed at no charge. The interior is comparable to most current bags, with a surfeit of removable solid though padded dividers which velcro into position. The interior can therefore be configured a number of different ways, and large lenses up to and including a 400mm f/2.8 of 500mm f/4 can be managed. There is also an optional set of low dividers available that allows a laptop to be carried inside the bag. This arrived too late for testing, but I likely wouldn’t have used it this trip as it reduces the thickness of lenses that can be carried. UK-based photographers may find this to be just the thing due to the ‘one bag” restriction, though a laptop can also be carried in the bag’s external stretch pocket – though not as securely. Like all Thinktank products with which i have experience, the International is of first-rate construction and materials. If international air travel is where your photography leads you, the Thinktank International may be just the bag for you. READ FULL REVIEW

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