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The D100 enters that new segment of the digital camera market, it’s the middle ground between the high end $1,000 prosumer digital cameras and professional D-SLR’s. The D100 has a six megapixel sensor, a body loosely based on the F80 … a Nikon F mount. … Nikon’s designers once more should take a lot of credit for producing a superbly well designed camera. Ergonomics, balance and control layout are excellent, the D100 feels both professional enough to be used on the most important days, yet small and light enough to be taken out on the most casual outing. …Image quality is also excellent, good color and metering, nice tonal balance… READ FULL REVIEW

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Steve’s Digicams

The D100’s image quality is sure to please. There were very few times that I needed to use anything other than Auto white balance, it works very well, even in mixed lighting situations. The image resolution rivals that of the more expensive dSLRs at a much more affordable price point. It’s not going to replace the D1H for capture speed or the D1X for processing power. These are truly “professional” cameras for professional users. …The D100 is the answer for “the rest of us” who are tired of the limitations of lesser digicams and want the power and creativity that comes with a real SLR. … It’s hard to believe that only three years ago you needed to spend $10K or more to get a dSLR with the features of the D100 and only half of its image resolution! READ FULL REVIEW


Nikon gives its fans an excellent semipro camera in the 6-megapixel D100. Impressively responsive, well-designed, and capable of delivering high-quality images, it’s also compatible with a wide range of Nikon lenses and accessories. The camera is surprisingly lightweight for an SLR, tipping the scales at about 1 pound, 12 ounces without a lens. While the viewfinder eyepiece feels a bit small, the camera’s thin rubber coating and comfortable ergonomics make it fit solidly in your hand…. Like Nikon’s SLR film cameras, it offers 3D Matrix metering, which measures the light of the entire frame for optimal exposures. …One of the best features of the D100 is that it accepts Nikon lenses onto its metal lens mount…. READ FULL REVIEW

Thom Hogan

Who needs a D1? Well, a few photographers might, but the D100 is the Nikon digital SLR for the masses. A well-rounded camera that will make many a digital newcomer happy. While I wouldn’t take my drawbacks lightly, they are minor compared to the pluses. The D100 takes beautiful photos when used well, and can give any digital SLR on the market a run for the money. We may quibble about slight differences in color, or noise, or aliasing between different models, but these discussions are no different than the Provia versus Ektachrome type of debate. In short, expect to produce darn good results out of this camera. READ FULL REVIEW

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