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From your iPhone?   Well maybe not perfect, but certainly better than what you’re able to do with the stock camera.   Last week I reviewed the Best Camera app and one of my complaints about the preset filters was the fact that the user can not edit those filters. The Perfect Photo app does allow more fine tuned control over the image.

Like most camera based apps you can either shoot a new picture right from the app or load one from your saved images. From there you’ve got the ability to edit several aspects of the image.

You can…

  • rotate/flip
  • crop
  • adjust alignment (i.e. fix crooked images)
  • adjust brightness/contrast
  • adjust gamma
  • adjust exposure
  • increase shadow detail
  • increase highlight detail
  • adjust levels
  • adjust hue, saturation and lightness
  • adjust color balance
  • adjust color temperature
  • sharpen
  • remove noise

There are also several preset effects:

  • vintage (think sepia)
  • posterize
  • bloom
  • pencil paint
  • black and white
  • invert

While many of these adjustments are, at best, crude, it’s nice to have them available if you really want them. The noise removal filter is, to me at least, one of the most useful. This camera can be very noisy in low light and the ability to knock that back some is very helpful.

Adjusted photos can then be either saved back to the camera roll, emailed or uploaded to either Twitter or Facebook.

I should say this app crashed on me a couple of times when testing it out. If you’ve just spend five minutes tweaking an image that’s going to be a real pain.   Also,  if a call comes in while you’re in  the midst of editing an image, it will dump you out of the app losing all of your work. Hopefully both these issues will be addressed in updates.

This app is much more robust than the Best Camera app, but at the cost of speed. Best Camera is great in it’s ability to rapidly move through it’s preset filters. Perfect Photo is more about taking your time and making finer adjustments. All in all this app is very helpful if you’re like me and really want to do something about that noise. Also, for 99 cents how can you go wrong.

Straight image, direct from iPhone camera
Straight image direct from iPhone camera

Denoise and Sharpen filters added, marginally better
Denoise and Sharpen filters added marginally better

Pencil Paint filter added
Pencil Paint filter added

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  1. Hmmm, never heard of it but sounds cool. I cannot believe they do not have some of this functionality already built in. How can I live without a pencil paint filter?

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