Photocrati 4.6 Slideshow

The Photocrati 4.6 Updated Styling

Photocrati 4.6 came with new default styling in the header, footer, comments, sidebar and a few other places.

The new look is modern and extremely flexible, as we have also included a wide range of new Google Fonts. The new default font is Open Sans from Google.

Original Photocrati Styling

Photocrati 4.6 Styling

The new styles include a cleaner search box and comment area in addition to bullets within widgets like in the Recent Posts widget.

Original Photocrati Sidebar Styling

Photocrati 4.6 Sidebar Styling

Last, but not least – take a look at how a large slideshow looks on the home page. ┬áThe new text styling modernizes the look of a slideshow gallery.

Original Photocrati Slideshow

Photocrati 4.6 Slideshow

To see the new styles in action, please visit the Photocrati demos.

If you update your website to 4.6, your font styling should not be adjusted. However, you will notice the new comment, bulleted widget and search design.

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  1. I did a fresh wordpress install this morning, followed by a fresh install of photocrati theme 4.6. I am unable to select more than a handful of fonts, try as I might.

    1. Thomas, please contact support and they will take a look for you. I believe A handful of users have experienced this issue.

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