How To Stand Above The Competition: Photographing Orange Kittens

Eje Gustafsson asked a really interesting question on Google Plus.

I’d like to read about orange kittens. Alright not really, but in a way you could say I would like to. But a post or two about how to set yourself apart from the rest would be cool, there are many that posts pictures of orange kittens and if I like to post pictures of orange kittens how do I set myself apart from the rest… So yeah post about orange kittens.

Obviously Orange Kittens can be anything form wedding photos to product shots. The key is to educate your potential customers in addition to providing visually stunning photographs.

  • What equipment you used to photograph orange kittens
  • Why you used that equipment to photograph orange kittens
  • The best lighting conditions to photograph orange kittens
  • Examples of other photographs of orange kittens and how they could improve them
  • Why someone should hire you to photograph their orange kitten

If you can combine both visual and educational content, then you are way ahead of the competition.


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  1. Orange kittens rules 😉
    Thanks Scott for talking about my question, gave me new ideas for blog posts.

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