How To Use Stellar Stories For A Photography Business

Stellar is an app for mobile devices which let photographers create photo stories, with text and video.

I am using Stellar to share some of my travels and photo projects. You can see a story from my Palouse, Washington trip here.

In fact, here is the story embedding in the blog post. (If you are reading via email or RSS then you likely to need to visit the blog post on the Photocrati site in order to see the embedded story)

I recorded a video showing how to bring your professional photographs through Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile directly into your phone and then into Stellar for a story. Check that out:

Now that you’ve seen teh video, and how simple it is to create a story, think about using it for your photography business.

If you photographed an event, share your 10 favorite highlights from the event in a Stellar story. Share it with your client and then watch as the client shares it around more.

This will build up your Stellar following, and potentially other social following. It will also brand you as a photographer who is up with new technologies which can make your photography process even more enjoyable for clients.


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  1. Thank you, this is so helpful. I was feeling like a total idiot because I couldn’t figure our how to get my photos from my computer to my phone for steller/instagram .

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