Don’t Get Stuck on Twitter Without Words

I was browsing recent Tweets and came across this one from Hugh Briss. I had to share because it’s such a simple idea that I do not think many photographers take advantage of.

I see many photographers hesitant to put text over the photographs because it will distract from the actual scene.

So here is my suggestion.

On your website you do not need to include text on your photograph. But take that photograph and add a very catchy block of text that will be used on social media.

Set that image as your Featured Image in WordPress, as your Open Graph image for social media and then whenever you share the page or post use the image with text.

That way you have the opportunity to get more words in than you typically cannot.

Make sense?

As a reminder, do not not include the text on a photograph in your portfolio. Only for social media.

Give it a shot and share it with us so we can see what you did.

Thanks for reading,

How To Plan Better When You Barely Understand Digital Marketing


Our friends at Colorvale have a fantastic planner for photographers, and it’s available in two forms: digital and bound. The digital version is a large file where you can print the planner however you want. The bound is of course printed on top quality paper and bound strong spiral binding and durable covers.

The “Plan to succeed” planner is a way for you to organize your tasks, scheduling, client workflow, blogging, giveaways and so much more. It’s 290 pages of glorified organization, and it’s designed for photographers of all ages and styles.

When I received the bound planner I was happy to see and feel the quality of the book.

Even though I’m more of a digital organizer, I wanted to give it a try so I could recommend it for all the photographers who like using pen and paper.


Not only was I able to keep track of my social media, email marketing and blogging for my freelance photography site. But I was able to mix in the Photocrati planning as well.


So if you are the type of photographer who needs a better way to organize your thoughts, ideas and process of digital marketing, then please check out “Plan to succeed”. The product was designed for you and is well worth the try.

Thanks for reading,


Tell Your Story & Connect With Customers

your story your about page

As photographers we are not always great at writing copy to promote ourselves.

In fact, many photographers outsource their writing of bios and such.

For me personally I have used a very long and personal bio with a much shorter intro.   However, I have been in the process of tweaking and improving my bio and recently revamped it with 10 facts about me..

The goal was to make it connect on a deeper level with potential clients.


I made the switch to the new intro, but kept the longer bio as an optional read for people wanting to learn even more.  I included facts about being color blind and dyslexic which defines me as a photographer and writer.

Within minutes of making the switch I received an email from a potential client.  This is the email, minus the name:

Hi Scott,

I am looking for someone to take photographs of my office and my patients for my website and brochures. I really liked your portfolio. But what captured my attention most was you said you were color blind and dyslexic. I am an optometrist and I work with children that have reading issues often labeled dyslexic, when with the right testing we realize they have vision issues. I opened my practice a year ago, so I am still in a start up phase. Please let me know if you would be interested.

So there you go – the first potential client to contact me after the bio rewrite was a very personal and connected person.

My point here is that if you have ever second guessed being honest and open, telling your story – stop it.

Tell your story and connect with clients.

Thanks for reading,


How To Analyze Your Twitter Followers & Adjust Your Tweet Schedule

Before Moz acquired Followerwonk I never paid too much attention to it. But since they integrated it with their services I’ve been spending a lot more time reviewing its features.

Not only that though.  I’ve been implementing some of what It’s informed me about.

Check this out.

Improve Your Tweet Engagement With Followerwonk

By analyzing your Twitter followers you can see how active your followers are.  More specifically, what times of the day they’re using Twitter the most.


Then analyzing your own tweets you can see how you align to your followers.


From there you can adjust accordingly.  Better yet, they’ve included Buffer integration so you can quickly update your Buffer schedule to match those of your followers.

Cool stuff, right?

Once you’ve done that you should begin to see engagement increase, but you need to make the effort to be engaging for people to respond.

Thanks for reading,


2014 Photocrati Fund Update & Extension

Hi Everyone,

We wanted to give a quick update on the Photocrati Fund progress.

The submissions so far have been incredible. However, one of our judges has been unavailable and disconnected from communication while on a job.  So we decided to extend the deadline of the fund until Monday, April 28.

This gives our judges more time to review the projects and photographs in addition to you, the photographers, having more time as well.

So please spread the word and tell every photographer you know with a humanitarian project to get their submissions in. Click on any of the social sharing buttons, like Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

We also hope to have our 2013 Photocrati Fund winner, Alex Masi’s update online soon.

Thank you!

The Photocrati Team

Sales In Photography – Boosting Your Business

Our friends at Preveal acquired an amazing sales product called Salesographer, and they just relaunched it with a new lower price.

Salesographer is a pricing and profit-boosting sales strategy for photographers lacking the cash flow drive and the sales mindset. You will learn pure, not-from-concentrate sales & pricing education that will take you step-by-step on how to price, present, and sell your photography, without feeling like a sales person.


Salesographer teaches you:

  • How to really price for profit
  • How to package your products around their value
  • How to teach your clients to understand your value and your process
  • How to effectively sell your photography without becoming a sales person
  • How to maximize your client’s excitement without high pressure tactics
  • How to get the most out of an in-person presentation

They also threw in some goodies that will get you started by implementing what you learned. These goodies include a PSD and InDesign copy of the same Price Sheet, Pricing Guide and Contract Spencer demonstrates in the videos, and a $50 Gift Card for ProDPI.

Download a Sample Chapter

I spoke with Chris the prior to the relaunch to discuss the product, the future of it and more.  You can view that conversation below.

Sales In Photography

Sample Video

If this sounds interesting to you then please head over to Salesographer and to read more or to pick up your copy at the new discounted rate of $74 during the re-launch period.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your sales,


Make Something Worth Making

What matters, what makes it art, is that the person who made it overcame the resistance, ignored the voice of doubt and made something worth making

Recording of WordPress for Photogs Google Plus Hangout Talking Themes

On April 2nd I joined Peter Adams and our last minute guest, Rachel Brenke, for a chat about WordPress for photographers. The topic for the Hangout was themes, and it was a great first discussion. It’s also the first for many to come.

For those who have never heard of Peter Adams, please check out this eBook that he wrote about WordPress for photographers.

wp photog ebook

Before you view the video I want to mention that one of the things that sparked this discussion, and the idea of a monthly Hangout around WordPress specifically for photographers, is an article that Peter wrote. Soon after his article published I wanted to share my feedback from a very different perspective.

I highly recommend reading both of the articles, but you can do so before or aftering watching the video.

WordPress for Photogs Hangout #1

So there you go – if you have questions please feel free to comment and let me know. Please also join the Google Plus community for more conversations.

Oh, and did you enjoy the teaser of what’s coming up with the Photocrati theme?

Thanks for reading,

Inspiration Is Around Every Corner

Inspiration is around every corner, so go for a walk

Creating & Using Custom Menus in WordPress & Photocrati

By default the Photocrati theme uses whatever pages you create in the main navigation menu.

If you only have a few pages that works perfectly fine. But once you start adding more and more pages it can become to cumbersome.

That is where custom menus come into play.

So now that you know about custom menus, go to your WordPress admin area, visit Appearance >> Menus and begin creating your menus.

Thanks for reading,