Photocrati 4.6 Preset Video Walkthrough

The Photocrati 4.6 update includes the ability for users to import and export presets.

This feature is great for a few reasons.

  1. Users can buy presets
  2. Users can sell presets
  3. Users can trade presets
  4. Users can back up their custom settings in a preset

In the video below, you will see how utilize the import/export preset feature.

Please note that currently the presets will not export your custom images. For example, if you include a background image in the header, the preset will not include it. However, if you take advantage of custom CSS then it will be included.

We hope you enjoy this feature, and we believe you will because it opens up a wide range of opportunities for you to further stylize your Photocrati driven website.

Thanks for viewing,



New Photocrati Preset, 10 Stop

We’ve mentioned that the Photocrati theme, version 4.6, has updated styling.

Today I am happy to share with you the newest preset built into the theme. We called it 10 Stop because it reminded me of the smoothness you would get if photographing skies and water with a 10 stop neutral density filter.

Below are screenshots of the different looks of 10 Stop. Click on a thumbnail to bring up the full live demo of each.

10-stop wordpress photography themes 1 10-stop wordpress photography themes 3 10-stop wordpress photography themes 2 10-stop wordpress photography themes 4

In addition to the preset using the Photocrati theme’s new default font styles, 10 Stop has an elegant light gray header and a darker footer. The text color flows nicely with the grays and white, and the links are a light blue.

You might have guessed, but I’m a long exposure photographer, and decided to use the 10 Stop preset with some custom CSS and colors here and there. So if you would like to see a website using the new preset, outside of a demo, then click over to my website and check it out.


The Photocrati 4.6 Updated Styling

Photocrati 4.6 came with new default styling in the header, footer, comments, sidebar and a few other places.

The new look is modern and extremely flexible, as we have also included a wide range of new Google Fonts. The new default font is Open Sans from Google.


Original Photocrati Styling


Photocrati 4.6 Styling

The new styles include a cleaner search box and comment area in addition to bullets within widgets like in the Recent Posts widget.


Original Photocrati Sidebar Styling


Photocrati 4.6 Sidebar Styling

Last, but not least – take a look at how a large slideshow looks on the home page.  The new text styling modernizes the look of a slideshow gallery.


Original Photocrati Slideshow


Photocrati 4.6 Slideshow

To see the new styles in action, please visit the Photocrati demos.

If you update your website to 4.6, your font styling should not be adjusted. However, you will notice the new comment, bulleted widget and search design.

Announcing SEO and Web Marketing Workshops for Photographers

seo-web-marketing-workshops-photographersI am so happy to announce an exciting new workshop series, the Supercharge Workshops, expanding on our eBook and virtual course, Supercharge Your photography Website.

The Supercharge Workshops are powerful web marketing workshops for photographers focused on strategies for boosting traffic, sales, social followers, clients, and business. Plus we’ve selected spectacular venues and invite participants for a fun and informal photowalk after the workshops.

We’ll be launching our first workshops in Denver, Colorado and Hamilton, New Jersey. And the marvelous Vanessa Joy will be joining us for the Workshop in New Jersey!

Read on for details or visit the official page.

Go To Official Supercharge Workshops Page

Supercharge Your Photography Website

We’ve jam packed our one-day workshop with great topics.

  • Traffic, conversion, and follow up. We’ll focus on three stages in the marketing process: driving traffic though SEO, advertising, blogging, and social media; converting traffic into clients and sales; and following up to build relationships with clients and keep them coming back.
  • Specific topics include SEO, keyword selection, site optimization, link building, image SEO, social media and social signals, blogging, content marketing, email marketing and follow up, paid advertising, conversion rate optimization, social proof, and more.
  • Workshop includes a mix of presentations and tons of Q&A time.
  • Live case studies will be conducted as we evaluate some of the participants websites and give hands-on recommendations for how to improve site performance for traffic and conversion.
  • Great Instructors. Learn from Photocrati CEO Erick Danzer and New Jersey Photographer and Photocrati’s Community and Blog Wrangler Scott Wyden. For the New Jersey workshop, Erick and Scott will be joined by fantastic wedding photographer and speaker, Vanessa Joy.

Join Us for a Photowalk!

After the workshop, Scott & Erick will be hosting an informal photowalk around the venues. The Denver workshop will be at Red Rocks Park, and the New Jersey workshop at Grounds for Sculpture. Both locations are beautiful, colorful and inspirational. What a better way to spend your Monday than with education and photography.

We’re Throwing Other Great Stuff In Too!

Every attendee of our Supercharge Workshops, receives the following perks.

  • Free Access to Sculpture Gardens/Rocks
  • Lunch is Included
  • Copy of the Photographer’s SEO eBook – $39 value
  • 1 Year of the Photographer’s SEO Community – $99 value
  • 1 Year of Photocrati – $89 value
  • The Laundry List eBook by Rachel Brenke – $9.99 value
  • Chic Magazine for phone/iPad – $12 value
  • Exclusive 33% discount on the FooBox WordPress plugin (all license levels: Personal, Multi, & Business)
  • Boudoir Posing Guide from Boudie Shorts

In addition, we have partnered with the following companies to provide one lucky winner of each workshop with:

Upcoming Workshops in Colorado and New Jersey!

If either of these workshops interest you, then I highly recommend signing up before the seats fill up.

Supercharge: Denver, Colorado

Seating area of the amphitheatre Red Rocks Park, Colorado Springs
Photos by Maarten Heerlien and Salim Virji

June 24, 2013 from 10am to 3pm (photowalk following the workshop)
Red Rocks Amphitheatre & Visitor Center
Rock Room
2605 Red Rocks Park Road
Morrison, CO 80465


$149 until May 31

Register for the CO workshop

Supercharge: Hamilton, New Jersey

marketing-marigolds-new-jersey-01 marketing-marigolds-new-jersey-02
July 29, 2013 from 10am to 3pm (photowalk following the workshop)
Grounds for Sculpture
Gallery B
18 Fairgrounds Road, Hamilton, NJ 08619


$199 until May 31

Register for the NJ workshop

Feedback on Past Products and Trainings

“This is a good overview of SEO for photographers. The sequencing is well thought out, starting with basics like keywords and onsite SEO and then moving onto more advanced topics such as link building.” – Aaron Hockley describing the SEO for photographers virtual course.

“…very comprehensive and touches upon the very basics like getting a domain and setting up your website, all the way to the nitty gritty of social media and seo. This is excellent for photographers starting out on the web.” – Alexa Fischer describing the Supercharge Your Photography Website virtual course.

“If you are a photographer, and you want to increase your chances of appearing higher in search engines, Photographers SEO Book gives you all the tools to help. With this information I am re-working blog posts, ALT tags, and the way I think about SEO.” – Jodi Friedman describing the Photographer’s SEO eBook

“…I was unfamiliar with the ways to best use WordPress for a photography site. The SEO and marketing information was particularly valuable, because I know I always neglect those aspects.” – Steve Alcorn describing the Supercharge Your Photography Website virtual course.

Fine Art Photography Exhibition by Carl Shubs

Carl Shubs is a Photocrati member and asked to share a short announcement about his fine art photography exhibition and some of his thoughts of the WordPress theme. If you are in the West Hollywood area, please check out his work in person. Over to you, Carl.

I’m happy to announce that my solo Fine Art Photography Exhibition is now up and running in the Los Angeles area. It opened February 9 and will be continuing through May 15, 2013, at US Bank, West Hollywood Branch, 8901 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069. You can view it Mon-Thurs., 9-5; Fri., 9-6; or Sat., 9-1. There are 14 images on display, ranging in size from approximately 8×10 inches to 5×4 feet. Subject matter covers a wide range of topics including iconic landmarks, people, nature, and unusual perspectives on life and the city around us. The largest is the one below.


Please see Press Release for more information. While you’re there, feel free to visit the rest of the site and to forward the press release to anyone you think might be interested.

There will be an open house reception on Thursday evening, April 11, from 6:30-9:00 PM, so save the date if you’ll be in Los Angeles. If you’d like an invitation with all the specifics of the evening, just send me an email, and I’ll be happy to send one along when those are ready though you can also just come on in that night. In the meantime, you can stop by the bank during their regular business hours.

So what does this have to do with Photocrati, you might ask? Well, for years I had been looking to create a web site that would give me the professional look, aesthetic style, depth of photo database, ease of functionality and editing, and e-commerce capabilities I had been looking for. As I was starting to have my work shown, I was feeling hopeless that I’d ever find a template that would give me that, and then I found Photocrati. It gave me all that and more. When this opportunity with the bank came along, I was ready for it. I had the site I wanted. It let me show some of the diversity of my photographs as well as giving the people at the bank the sense of professionalism that helped to close the deal.

One of the other things I like about Photocrati is the sense of help and support among their team and this community. These are things I believe in and want to be part of. So, come visit the exhibit and the website, and please let me know about yours.


Carl Shubs