Featured Member: Kenneth Lim

What kind of photography do you do?

I photograph weddings and portraits in Hong Kong.  I was born and raised in New York but moved to Asia in 2006.

© Kenneth Lim

Story behind this image: This was a photo from my first overseas wedding gig which was just outside London in the UK. I remember noticing how different the quality of light was from Hong Kong, and knowing right away that we were going to come away with some great shots. You know how there are those few shots that you jump straight to when you’re finally at your computer?  This was one of them.

How would you describe your style?

I consider myself a life photographer and I try to capture the moments that show the qualities that I think are most important in people – authenticity, compassion, soul.  For weddings or studio headshots, that usually involves waiting for someone to open up and have their true personality unfold.

© Kenneth Lim

Story behind this image: The streets of Hong Kong are so unique – they blend the old and the new, the East with the West.  I love capturing that contrast in my photography.

What’s your approach to post processing?

All of my images go through a workflow using Aperture for culling, minor editing, and storage, and also Photoshop for retouching and a series of actions to optimize file quality. I don’t apply filters or “effects” very much, and I have taught myself to know exactly what I want to do with an image so that I can keep the process efficient.

© Kenneth Lim

Story behind this image: Photographing weddings is a ton of responsibility, but when your bride and groom and all of their friends are laughing and having a good time while you do your job? That’s when your job turns into sheer fun. This photo was taken right after one of Hong Kong’s gloomy, cloudy, rainy mornings, but you could never tell from looking at this shot.

What or who inspires you?

Meeting people that do what they love inspire me. As a portrait photographer, I’ve been fortunate to have photographed many people in Hong Kong that are pursuing their dreams – and their humility, drive, and positivity always inspire me to do more. Its great to read about the next Mark Zuckerberg in the news or on the Internet, but to have a conversation with someone who is doing what they love and believe in – right in your own community – is something else.

What gear do you use?

Nikon camera bodies, various Nikkor lenses and Speedlights
Apple computers


Website: http://kennethlimphotography.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/kennethlimphoto
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kennethlimphotography

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  1. Great job working with the different quality of light in the UK. You are right — that first photo just jumps out at you.

  2. Your second image is wonderful. You captured the culture and uniqueness of the streets of Hong Kong so well – nice contrast.

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