Featured Member: Al Overdrive
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Featured Member: Al Overdrive

What kind of photography do you do? The majority of my work is editorial - the main subject's fit under style and entertainment. Story behind this photo: This is one…

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Wedding album design

This may sound strange, but designing a wedding album can be more stressful than actually taking the pictures. When you’re  shooting a wedding,  you try all sorts of different techniques to get the shot.   That way  you have a lot of options available to  you later when designing the album. However, when designing the album, you don’t have the luxury of “covering  your bases,” so to speak. You have to take 700 images and eliminate down to 60-100. There are a lot of criteria to meet:

  • Do these images tell the story of the day?
  • Do you have all the formal and family shots that the client wants?
  • Does this client like big pictures or lots of small ones?
  • What’s more important to the client: beautiful formal pictures or candid fun ones?


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Who’s in charge?

tampa_engagment_wedding_011If you’re new to the wedding game you’ll soon discover that there is someone in charge at every wedding. You may think you know who that person is, they signed a contract, they paid you money, they are picking out the products… but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are in charge. No, the person that you’re working for is, to quote the movie “Swingers” the guy, behind the guy, behind the guy. 99% of the time it’s the mother of the bride. (more…)

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